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Transpersonal Psychotherapy
and Counselling 

Zoe Hedderly, BSc (Hons), Pg Dip, MBACP


About Me

I qualified as a Transpersonal Integrative Psychotherapist in 2018. 

Prior to that I trained in Mental Health Nursing, Clinical Psychology and Counselling.  

My vocational background has predominantly been within the NHS working in both mental health and Learning Disability Services. For several years I worked with children in specialist school settings. 

I am a Reiki Practitioner, qualified to Master Level under the Western Reiki system. I offer Reiki as a stand alone treatment or in combination with psychotherapy where the client and myself feel this would be of benefit. I have a deep spiritual life which has been influenced by the Christian, Buddhist and Hindu traditions. I hold a profound respect for all religions, especially the journey that we take as individuals upon that path. 

My academic, vocational and personal experiences have led me to develop a broad and holistic view of mental health. I believe that the body, mind, emotions and spirit form a symbiotic system. Working with each of these aspects of self produces the most profound and enduring transformations. 

At the core of my approach to therapy is the belief that mental illness, and physical illness, holds meaning which needs to be uncovered in a safe and respectful way. I believe that every human being is naturally wise, self governing and intuitive. Therapy should be a process which calls you back to your most authentic self. 

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a confidential, non judgmental, safe space in which we come together to explore a particular challenge. 

It can be used in a variety of ways, such as working through a specific issue like bereavement. Or it may be used to work on developing a clearer, more defined sense of self. Some people come to therapy because they are grappling with questions around identity and belonging. Others need a space to explore existential challenges such as loneliness or fear of death. 

In reality most people seek out therapy when their personal circumstances have become overwhelming. Usually this is because there are multiple challenges being faced and unpacking them has become too difficult to manage alone. Sometimes, the root of our suffering lies in unresolved trauma or in childhood wounding. 

Psychotherapy is a process of exploring all of the influences which have been bought to bare in the making of who we have become. We will work with the past, the present and with what is being called forth. I will use a range of tools such as traditional psychoanalytic ones along side some of the more modern approaches such as CBT and somatic methods. I particularly enjoy working with unconscious material through the use of art, sound, creative imagination, meditation, breath work and dream analysis. 

How is Counselling Different to Psychotherapy?

Counselling is a good approach when focusing on a singular issue and mostly works with how this is effecting you in the present moment. It is useful if you are generally feeling happy with your life but are looking for some support to work through a specific challenge. It can also be helpful if you feel that deep therapy might be overwhelming or if you are unsure about therapy in general and just wish to give it a try. Counselling therefore tends to be shorter in duration sometimes only requiring a limited number of sessions. 


Helping You 

The Services I offer

What I work with

Anxiety / Panic attacks



Trauma / PTSD

Loss and Bereavement 

Low Self Worth / confidence 

Impoverished sense of self

Difficult family dynamics

Relationship difficulties

Domestic Abuse

Palliative therapy

Autism and ADHD

Parenting children with additional needs

Areas of specialism

Complex mental health difficulties 

Living with long term health conditions

Crisis of faith 

spiritual awakening/ spiritual emergency

Autism and ADHD

Surviving narcissistic abuse

Therapuetic methods I Use

Short term counselling
Body awareness techniques
Psycho-spiritual counselling
Dream analysis
Creative Imagination Techniques


Booking a Session 

Initial Consultation

If you are considering therapy but are unsure please email or text me requesting a consultation.

In the consultation we will discuss your concerns and what you would like to achieve. We will think about the best methods for you to achieve your desired outcomes and explore whether I am the best therapist for you. Consultations usually last around 30 mins and are charged at a flat rate of £30. 

The Session 

All sessions are a standard 50 mins in length and are charged at a flat rate of £70
During our first session we will think about setting some therapeutic goals and discuss which modalities would be best for you. We will then sign a therapeutic contract which sets out my responsibilities towards you and your commitment to the therapy.
The majority of my availability is Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm, there are a limited number of evening slots on Mondays and Tuesdays. Sessions may be conducted
 online or face to face.
I provide a limited number of concessionary places which can be discussed on an individual basis.

Contact Details

Zoe Hedderly
Tel: 07772256280

International callers: +44 7772256280


Help in a Crisis

The Samaritans 

Call 116 123  (24hr help line)

SMS: Text SHOUT to 85258


Support for suicidal feelings / intention

0207 263 7070


Where to find urgent help in a crisis


Mental health charity. Lots of free advice and resources. Some branches provide free counselling and group therapy.

Other Resources

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Living with Bereavement 

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Stages of loss and Grief

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Living with Trauma and PTSD

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Books on Trauma

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van der Kolk

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Living with OCD

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Client Testimonials

Zoe has listened intently, and with empathy and compassion, worked with me to identify why I am finding parts of my life challenging. We've explored the roots of my problems at a pace at which I'm comfortable. This has allowed me to express some buried emotions, accept some of my past, and look forward with a changed and more positive perspective.

JB (Male, 32)

So far Zoe has been nothing but respectful and strikes me as caring and very considerate about my issues (trauma, abuse, intimacy, self esteem and ADHD) and how to address them. She has a lovely spirit and it shines through, she also approaches my sessions without judgement and appears to have a level of experience and understanding which is appreciated in helping me understand myself further

GE (Female, 24)

I came to therapy following a breakdown which left me with severe depression and anxiety and being signed off work for 18 months. When discussing my history, Zoe was able to discern what I was saying and was able to identify key events in my life that we would return to later. Rather than only focusing on current events, Zoe was keen to go back as far as possible in order to find the catalyst of my illness. I've been fortunate enough to have now been working with Zoe for just over 2 years, whilst it has sometimes been very difficult, I don't believe I would be where I am today without her help.

AM (Male 55)

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